650 wide tire update


650 wide tire update
Write about your XS650.:I am down to final assembly my next update will be with full paint. To date the frame has been powder coated and assembled,front end,engine.  There is also a removable seat that goes in behind mine over the fender for when my sexy wife wants to ride to.noid-p5040295


Thanks  zach


  1. Brian says:

    excellent job man!!

  2. tungul says:

    How does it look with the spare seat on there? so far it looks amazing!

  3. BLACK WIDOW says:

    Can’t wait to see more pics

  4. Rob says:

    Is that the 300? I love those wide tires!!! The bike is killer the V cut in the fender ROCKS !!!

  5. chad says:

    thats a sharp bike i have one thats has a 250 wide tire im finishing up nice job man

  6. stealthy says:

    im new to bikes, but want to build a xs650 chopper and my biggest goal is having a wide tire…250+….does anyone make a weld on hardtail that will support this? what all needs to be done? please email stealthygsr@hotmail.com please and thanks!

  7. Ryan says:

    Beautiful bike man! Just wondering what brand/style tank you have on there? love the look of it.