The number of motorbikes on the streets is higher than two decades ago. The sudden rise in their popularity is due to their intimate driving experience with riders, and it is economical in terms of fueling as the gas prices soar. The motorcycles adventure and freedom to their users.

There is a common belief about motorcycles being uncertain, which dominates, tarnishing their reputation. Why is it so? Is it because of their intrusion, noise, over the speed limit, how they change lanes while on the road, or what is? Let’s dive right in.

The name biker is associated with motorcyclist gangs, which has affected the industry’s reputation, and the perception has not changed over the years. Most people don’t hate motorbikes, but the riders’ behavior on the road is detestable, which generalizes the hate of motorcycles.

Some of the most common reasons for the hate are:

  • Safety risks: Motorcycle use is riskier. In case of an accident, you are directly exposed to injuries for there is no protection, and not seen clearly by other road users with minor challenges like potholes can lead to a significant problem.
  • Restricted storage and luggage: They are inconvenient when it comes to moving luggage and other equipment
  • Limited capacity: It only carries one or at most two people making it hard for family people.
  • Exposure to the elements: use of motorbikes exposes you to rain. Heat, wind, snow, and others make it hard if you lack an alternative means of travel.
  • Tiresome: Due to less support at the back, long travels become exhausting, for there is less when it comes to the sitting position.
  • Demanding attention: To ride a motorcycle requires 100% focus, for a slight mistake can lead to severe injury or death.
  • Lacks comfort: you cannot chat while riding, and it requires a lot of physical strength.
  • Easily stolen despite the measures put in place, you cannot guarantee that someone will not steal your motorcycle.
  • Interference with other motorists like lane weaving
  • Loud pipes cause disturbance to most people, and they hate it. t

Motorists hating Motorcyclists

The motorcycles might not be the ones hated by several people but the motorcyclists. Though not all of them express the devious characters, the majority have caused their reputation to be tainted as rude and reckless.

The list below displays reasons why Motorists don’t get along with riders except for a few who are good:

  • Tricks in crowded areas expose danger to other motorists and the motorcycle owner regardless of how conversant you are with it. Stunt triggers hate from those around them.
  • Club riding causes a lot of inconvenience to motorists due to jams, overloads, and other problems.
  • Motorcyclists’ rapid speed and aggressiveness can cause nasty noises and instill fear in many people, especially when this is done at a close range.
  • The Snake-like move done by motorcyclists, especially in traffic jams, are detestable to most car users.
  • They become traffic police whenever a mistake has occurred between the two parties leading to ruthless behavior that is disrespectful and impolite. For instance, mirror breaking, honking, and shouting causes hate from motorists.
  • The motorists and everybody hate the motorcycles’ loud engine noise, yet they think it is excellent.
  • Inexperienced riders unaware of the traffic laws can be a pain in the neck on the road, for they are prone to cause accidents.

Top 10 hated motorcycles

 There are several motorbike models on the market. Still, we are narrowing our focus to the worst ten motorbikes. Not because they are wrong, but because of the perception by users and experience that make them not highly rated.

Just as people hate riders despite not all of them acting idiotic and rebellious, so is with motorcycles. The list below forms a list of motorcycles that didn’t get a warm reception by the market, but they are great and have some excellent qualities that the lovers of motorcycles should not ignore.

  1. Moto Guzzi Griso 1200
  2. Kawasaki KB125
  3. Honda VFR 1200F
  4. Yamaha TMAX
  5. Hero Glamour F1
  6. HARLEY-Davidson Ironhead Sportster
  7. Hero Impulse
  8. Honda CBF Stunner
  9. Yamaha Bulldog BT1100
  10. Ducati Multistrada 1000DS


Regardless of most people’s perception concerning the two-wheeler, it has its good side.

It is economical because the fuel consumption is low compared to cars and adds value to your pocket to save some money.

  • The maintenance cost is minimal than cars from repairs which can even be fixed by the owners rather than consulting a professional mechanic, and the spare parts are cheap.
  • They are more affordable than cars in terms of purchase.
  • They suit parking for they do not occupy ample space for two that can fit in one parking lot. There are minimal accidents related to their parking due to clear visibility.
  • Traffic jam in the big cities is always a significant problem when you have an emergency to get to a place. The motorbikes come in handy for snake travel to bit the jam.
  • They offer personalized adventure and freedom, making them a superb choice.
  • They create social chances to explore, socialize and come together as groups of people with a common interest or as friends.
  • They give a sense of intimacy with the environment enjoying the authentic nature scenery like the country scene.
  • Their value does not depreciate so much with time, unlike a car. meaning they retain a great resale value
  • They are simple to modify, for one can customize particular parts like the tanker, seat, handlebars, etc.
  • Physical activities for the arms, neck, and thighs are involved while motorcycling and enhancing mental health as spending time outside helps relieve stress, advancing your mood and happiness.
  • They offer a significant venture while riding, leaving an individual with a great sense of joy.
  • Acquiring a motorcycle license is effortless depending on your state; the process does not entail much other than a permit and an eye examination.
  • They are useful when it comes to emergency especially in area where vehicle can not reach.

Legal outlook for motorcyclists

Many riders disregard the laws claiming that they are the ones who are subjected to a hazard and not the other way round. Since both parties have many perceived ideas, what expected behavior is correct?

  1. It is beneficial to lane split, reducing traffic jams for all roadway users. Lane splitting is driving between lanes to pass the jam. Though it is a behavior that triggers an adverse reaction from motorists, it advances the riders’ safety. Lane splitting is allowed in most states, like California, Utah, and Montana, in particular situations. It is gradually achieving interest across the United States.
  2. Motorcyclists are not allowed to drive on the shoulder of a roadway as this is illegal, especially in the United States. The motorcyclists who might need to do it; subject themselves to injuries and cause accidents. The first responders are the only people allowed to use their shoulders to get to the accident scene.
  3. In some states, it has been legalized. However, it is illegal for motorcyclist groups to use blockers when crossing an intersection in most states, including Virginia, South and North Carolina, West Virginia, and Georgia.
  4. Motorcyclists may consider a red light as a stop sign in rural areas. They can only pass through if they stop, wait for at least two minutes or three minutes, depending on the state, check both ways when it turns green, and they offer the right of way to motorists.

There are many misconceptions between the people, motorcyclists, and motorists. For the roads to be secure for everybody, there must be a unified effort from motorists, riders, and the people to end the daily incidents on the streets.

A tiny awareness and tremendous gratitude would go a long way towards safety on our roads. The government should also formulate traffic laws that accommodate both parties to enhance the smooth operations of roadways. Riders should ride carefully and cautiously, looking out for their vulnerability.

Motorcycles are excellent means of transport. There has been a spike in the recent past with various brands on the market. People find it more convenient and for the many listed benefits that come along with it. That said, why they are hated has not been established yet.

According to researchers, the behavior of the riders has caused almost everyone to generalize the hate towards them. Many motorcycles may have received a cold reception in the market when produced, but that does not confirm that they are hated. The preconceptions, though, keep on rising by the day.

It is evident that the idiotic, reckless, and disrespectful behavior of motorcyclists is alarming and calls for action by the states to curb the bad experiences on the roads and redeem the sector’s glory. Strategies and other reinforcement laws are implemented to harmonize with other road users.

Conclusively, motorcycles are reliable and fantastic if handled well, and riders should be accommodative and respective of other road users for the excellent safety of all.