Dog owners need to be cautious and aware of everything that affects the physical and mental health of their pets. One thing that dogs absolutely detest is the sight of a motorcycle.

It can get worse if you try to make your dog share a space with you on your bike. Not only will your ride be a total disaster, but your dog might go into a full state of panic.

But why do dogs hate motorcycles? There are actually a number of reasons, such as fear, noise, and vibrations behind dogs reacting negatively to motorcycles. Stay with us till the end to discover all about this topic.

Reasons Why Dogs Hate Motorcycles

Dogs are sensitive creatures, and the slightest disturbances in their surroundings can affect them badly. There are many reasons why your dog cannot stand the sight of bikes. Here are some of them –

  1. Angst and Fear

Riders are always on edge when they’re riding bikes, and their adrenaline rush is on an extreme level. And dogs can sense this edge and adrenaline perfectly well! Dogs have more than 200 million sensory receptors in their noses, and hence their sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive compared to human beings.

This sense of smell allows them to sense the anxiety and stress in motorcyclists. Thus, it creates a similar sense of fear and anxiety among dogs as well. As a result, dogs feel scared when they notice riders on motorcycles.

Again, another reason which can create fear among dogs is the size of the motorcycle. Dogs are usually small creatures in comparison to motorcycles, and this can create a sense of fear among them.

Motorcycles may look like big, unknown objects to them which emit loud noises. This can cause dogs to start barking out of extreme fear and dread.

  • Exhaust from Motorcycles

Another reason why dogs are irritated at the glimpse of motorcycles is because of the emission of exhaust from them. We’ve already mentioned how sensitive the noses of dogs are in comparison to us humans.

The emitted exhaust from bikes can irritate the dog’s nose much more than it can irritate humans. This exhaust can also sting the eyes of dogs and cause irritation in the throat. Hence, dogs feel irritated and become aggressive towards motorcycles.

  • Noise from Motorcycles

Similar to the sensitivity in noses, dogs have sensitive ears as well. Dogs can perceive high-pitched sounds better than human beings, so they are extremely sensitive to loud noises and harsh sounds.

Since motorcycles are very loud and are associated with horn honking and acceleration, they can be a source of nuisance to dogs. The harsh noises emitted from motorcycles can easily affect the sensitive ears of dogs and cause them to panic easily.

It can also cause severe irritation and discomfort to them, which is why dogs tend to hate motorcycles.

  • Vibrations from Motorcycle Engines

Dogs already possess heightened senses. From the smell to hearing, dogs can perceive sensations at a higher level than humans. The same applies to the sense of vibrations as well.

Motorcycle vibrations can strongly affect dogs. They can sense vibrations from bike engines at an elevated level which causes severe discomfort. The vibrations from the engines can make dogs feel like they are losing their balance and equilibrium.

This applies to any other heavy equipment or machinery. As a result, dogs feel anxious and start growling at the sight of bikes.

  • Invasion of Space

Dogs are natural predators; hence, they possess many predatory instincts. One such instinct is that they feel the need to protect their space at the risk of invasion. When they find motorcycles in their surroundings, they feel threatened and intimidated.

It makes them feel that the motorcycle is trying to invade their space and dominate their territory. This sense of feeling elicits a fight-or-flight response within dogs, and they start barking or growling continuously. By doing this, dogs feel that they are showing their dominance in their surrounding environment.

So, if you find your dog showing extreme rage and aggression towards motorcycles, it might be because of its fear of an invasion of space and territory.

  • Helmet Head

One of the reasons why your dog panics at the glimpse of bikes is when they see you on it wearing a helmet. Dogs are devoted to their owners and share a strong attachment with them. They love to observe the facial expressions of their owners and try to find ways to keep their owners entertained.

When they see their owners wearing a helmet, it blocks them from viewing the facial expressions. So, dogs feel scared and anxious, thinking that their owners might be angry or displeased with them. This can create a serious form of panic and anxiety among dogs; hence, they start growling to convey their apprehension.

What Should I Do If My Dog Chases Me on the Bike?

If you’re a bike rider, there may have been instances where you’ve seen your pet dog running after you when you’re off for a ride. This is because your dog loves you and is afraid of being left behind. Dogs cannot stand loneliness, and this is the main reason they chase after you when you’re on your bike.

To avoid this situation, keep the dogs inside the house, preferably with someone in the family, before you leave for a ride. Try not to start your motorcycles in their presence and only leave when you’re ensured that your dog is not around the motorcycle.

By practicing this technique, you can keep your dog safe from fear, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Final Words

Bringing it to an end, it can be said that dogs detest motorcycles, particularly as a form of fear aggression. Most of the time, the continuous growling and barking at motorcycles come from their predatory instincts. We hope our discussion was informative in teaching you why do dogs hate motorcycles.