Chained to a tree with a for sign on it.

Write about your XS650.: Here is a few chitty pics of my pos.  Driving home from work one day I seen this 73 tx log chained to a tree with a for sign on it.  I ended up getting it for a hundred bucks.  I drug it home and got it running, then proceeded to tear it apart.  I built the hardtail section adding 2″ of stretch to it.  I used 1 1/8 tube for the hardtail.  I took the tube and had a local shop bend me 3  bends from it.  I used them for the upper and lower rails around the tire then with the last u bend i cut and split it to use under the seat area.  The rear axle plate is fixed, so to adjust chain tension I built a tower with a slotted hold to adjust the skateboard wheel to adjust the chain.  The rear wheel and forks are from a mid 90’s zx6.  The front wheel is a 19″ rim from a Suzuki Vstrom.  Tank was made by Pabatco. which supplied Hodaka with aftermarket parts.  


This was a trials tank.  I changed the fill and mounts and relocated the petcock.  The license plate is mounted on a detent cabinet hinge.  I went through the top end, 50mm oversize pistons, new guides and valves and a Shell cam.  It has 34mm round slides on it.  I have a Gary Poh offset sprocket to clear the 180 tire.  The first year i had it on the road i had reversed the clutch actuator to the outside of the cover to clear the new offset sprocket-it was always very hard to release the clutch-over that winter I had Blacksmith Billy modify my side cover to accept a Honda VFR hydraulic clutch actuator-by far the best thing I did to that bike.  I run a nicad pack for the battery that I had Interstate Batteries build for me.  It has held up well for a couple years now.  That about sums it up-oh yeah-the seat aint it aint anywhere near being comfy.


Thanks Jason Crooks