Jay Leno is known for his illustrious career as a television host, but he’s also renowned for his incredible collection of classic cars and motorcycles. His passion for anything with an engine is well-documented, and through an in-depth exploration of his garage, we’ve uncovered some fascinating insights into his motorcycle collection. Let’s dive into five key things we learned about Jay Leno’s bike collection.

1. Jay Leno’s Fascination with Motorcycles

Jay Leno’s love for motorcycles stems from their practicality and the sheer variety he could collect. He points out that motorcycles take up less space than cars, allowing him to store many more bikes than cars in his garage. This love for motorcycles is not just about collecting but also about riding. Leno actively uses his motorcycles and believes in the mantra “don’t hide ’em, ride ’em,” even having a daily driver Bruff Superior, which is quite rare since many are often found in museums rather than on the streets.

2. The Historical Significance in Leno’s Collection

Leno has a deep appreciation for the history behind the motorcycles he collects. He owns what he believes might be the most complete collection of Brough Superiors in the world. These motorcycles were the first “Superbikes” of the 1920s, each guaranteed to reach 100 miles per hour—a significant feat for the time. Leno also values the connection to historical figures, such as Lawrence of Arabia, who famously owned and wrote about Brough Superiors.

3. Leno’s Eclectic Taste in Motorcycles

Jay Leno’s collection is not limited to any particular type or era of motorcycle. He has an eclectic taste that spans from the early 20th century to modern hyperbikes. From the ABC 500 Custom Motorcycle to the Energica Motorcycles, his collection includes a diverse array of bikes that showcase the evolution of motorcycle technology and design. Leno’s interest in both the mechanical intricacy and the aesthetic beauty of motorcycles is evident in his wide-ranging collection.

4. The Blend of Original and Restored Bikes

Leno’s garage houses both pristine, restored motorcycles and untouched, original pieces. He doesn’t have a strict preference; rather, he appreciates each bike for what it is. An unrestored motorcycle is only original once, and that originality is something Leno values highly. However, he also acknowledges the beauty and functionality of a well-restored bike, as long as the restoration is done with respect to the bike’s history and character.

5. The Importance of Riding and Preservation

Despite owning some of the rarest motorcycles in the world, Jay Leno is an advocate for riding them. He believes that motorcycles are meant to be ridden and enjoyed, not just displayed. This philosophy extends to his views on preservation. While he maintains and cares for his collection meticulously, he also ensures that they are in rideable condition. For Leno, the joy of motorcycles is as much in the riding experience as it is in their history and design.

Jay Leno’s motorcycle collection is a testament to his passion for two-wheeled machines. From historical significance to the joy of riding, each piece in his collection has a story, and Leno is the quintessential storyteller who brings these tales to life. His dedication to both preserving and enjoying these mechanical marvels is truly inspirational for any motorcycle enthusiast.

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