Martijin xs 650 1

I bought the bike as a badly done ugly chopper. I rebuilt it to my own taste. It was actually more work then when the donor would have been a standard xs.

The engine was shot, so I found a replacement and completely rebuild it. Made a lot of parts myself, most of them are powdercoated.

Martijin xs 650 3


The tank is from a Sportster. I didn’t want the usual flames or scallops. So I came up with the gold stripes. All this was done with spraycans. I think it turned out nice.

Martijin xs 650 4


It hasn’t been an easy build, far from it (hence the name The Bitch). Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. The engine would not fit in the frame.

Martijin xs 650 5


The electronic ignition was a nightmare so I changed everything back to points. Well the list is too long and boring.

Martijin xs 650 2


But now all is good, she runs fine, and thanks to the rebuild engine I have to hang on for dear life when I open up the throttle.

Thanks for looking.


The Netherlands

Submitted by Martijin

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