My 1979 Yamaha XS 650. Look at that seat!!

My second Yamaha xs650. I picked it up on on the Black Market AKA eBay for $250. Built circa 1979. The beautiful tropical artwork sold me.. This guy had it listed on eBay for $100 bucks and nobody was biding on it. The description of the bike said that it had electrical problems. Called the guy up and asked if he knew what was wrong with it. He said he wasn’t sure but thought it was the stator. I put in my bid and won the auction that day. The bike was down in Indiana and I’m up in MI. When I called the guy up and asked for directions, he seemed pretty pissed off that the bike went for such a low price..


The only thing I had that would fit the bike in the back was an old shitbox deathtrap minivan with loose steering. So I’m on the Chicago Turnpike at like seven in the morning cars are whizzing past me and the van tops out at 55 mph. Then there’s this all black tainted out Dodge Charger. I’m in the left lane with the pedal floored and this Charger is inches away from my bumper. So, I decided to be a Big Dick and tapped the brakes. This Dodge is inches away from hitting me. A couple miles go by and the Dodge is backing off. Minutes later he’s right back on my bumper. I tapped the brakes. HA, ha, LOL. Then the black Charger starts flashing lights at me and turns on a police siren. Shit COP. I pull over. SHIT.. This hardass walks up with spiked hair a bulletproof vest, black cargo pants and a guns strapped to his leg. He starts yelling at me and tells me to get in his car. I’m sitting in the car and this COP is just Scream has lungs out at me. Telling me how I could get shot form some guy with roadrage. I say YES SR. YES SR. Thinking in my head your the Dick who was tailgating. He let me go with a warning…

A few hours later I get to the guys house to Pick up the bike. It turns out the guy was a cool auctioneer and had all sorts of crazy stuff around his house. He helped me load the xs650 up into my shitbox and then showed me around his property. It was a good trip..

A week after I got the bike home.


Looking good at the end of Summer.


I need to get a better photo. Maybe by an abandoned warehouse, there are a ton in Michigan. HA, HA.

Double whitewall tire cost more than the entire bike.. Slowly getting to the picture I got in my head. Nowhere near finished, but that’s what is cool about having a fixity.. I’ve got it ripped down to the frame right now rewiring it. I’d like to drop the seat and put a 2 inch stretched swingarm on it. I also have a 21 inch rim I need to get some spokes for. Slowly it will come together… I also have plans for a xs650 hardtail. I’m starting to save parts for that now.

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Ted M