Keegan – This is my 1975 XS 650 Bobber.  I was inspired by the Falcon motorcycles. I love lookin at there clean per/post war style Brit bikes and decided why cant I make a xs look like one. So here you go! I spent a long 3 years off and on working on this bike. A lot of the  styling came from old Triumphs. The tank was the old xs tank that was modified to look like a Triumph tank by my friend Jeff Stephens, which added a real Falcon touch.



My friend Jason Frank did all the welding and fabricating of the Triumph style mid controls and the other various odds and ends. With out those two guys I would have been lost. I did all the painting, machining, wiring and fitting. The hard tail, battery box and oil tank came form TC Chopper Bros. It took a lot of gloss black paint/powder and brass to get her to come out so nice. But I think we hit it right on the head!


xs650-chop-Picture 3

Okay, so here is the run down.  The bike like I said before has a swapped motor from a 1973 xs. The front end is 35mm 1981 xs 650. The 19/16 inch wheels are from a 1981. The carbs are 34mm CV mikuni’s with K&N air pods.

xs650-chop-Picture 2

The frame is a 1975, with a TC chopper bros weld on hard tail. Also the battery box and oil tank/electrical box are from TC Chopper Bros. The wiring is all hidden in the oil tank and ran throw copper tubing. The wiring harness was made from low brows custom sweet cloth wrapped wires and Mikes XS metric wire connectors.

xs650-chop-Picture 1

Everything is custom! Here is everything else-

  • ·         Pamco Pete’s  electric pickup and coils W/ NGK boots and
  • ·         Custom copper tubing that hides all the wiring
  • ·         Custom gel seat and seat pant
  • ·         Custom  spun rear  fender and strut
  • ·         Custom Made 1975 XS 650 tear drop tank and Monza  gas cap
  • ·         Custom made Mini Apes  from original 1975 XS 650 Handle bars
  • ·         Custom turned Brass Foot pegs
  • ·         Custom Machined rear wheel adjusters
  • ·         Custom made mid controls (styled after a Triumph)
  • ·         Mikes XS 7” Classic Head light
  • ·         Mikes XS oil cooler
  • ·         Mikes XS voltage regulator
  • ·         Low Brow Custom wiring harness
  • ·         Low Brow seat springs three different sizes!
  • ·         Heavy Parts Unlimited 530 X ring Chain
  • ·         Cheng Shin C223 repo Mk II rear (can’t get these tires anymore!)
  • ·         Cheng Shin C200 repo Speedmaster front (can’t get these tires anymore!
  • ·         Repo Ford 1928 Stop taillight and custom Bracket
  • ·         BattleScoot White Grips
  • ·         All stainless steel hardware!
  • ·         Custom 1971 Black and Cream Triumph paint scheme
  • ·         Gloss Black powder Coat
  • ·          New battery
  • ·         Polished engine and valve covers and rear drum cover
  • ·         Triumph fork gators
  • ·         And so much more!


Everything on this bike is brand new or refurbish! The engine is a donor from a friends bike that he crashed (it only had 600 miles on it). Still needs some more riding to break it in fully.

Keegan Trester

For sale on Ebay now.