Built for a friend

The bike started as a basket case build that some guy started, but never finished. The frame was glued together with bondo and booger welds, with the neck so out of wrack it was crazy. I replaced the whole front half of the frame which was only the start for this bike.


This was my first frame up build so I had to buy tools as I needed them. First a MIG welder then some grinding tools and got to work. I got the help from my neighbor/friend, Adam, from Hotrods by Haley to help me with the real heavy frame repairs.


I almost gave up on the project after having problems getting the motor mounted. After finally making custom motor mounts, things seemed to snow ball from there. I cut all the gussets from 3/16 steel plate using my angle grinder (almost cutting my leg off in the process).

The engine is all stock and looked clean on the inside so it was just cleaned up and painted black with some brushed aluminum parts and new bolts. The rear fender is a 30’s Ford spare tire cover, cut and reshaped to fit the rear tire.


The faux oil tank is a spun steel keg style, with all the wiring and battery tucked inside. The bike has been converted to kick only. The tail light is a 50’s Pontiac back-up lens fitted to a fence post cap and custom brackets over the plate bracket.

The gas tank is an original Harley peanut tank with a brass petcock and fuel sight glass fitted to the side.



All the wiring was ran in such a way to be hidden for a clean look. The exhaust is 1 3/4″ mandrel bent tubes, wrapped in copper heat wrap. The frame is done in satin black powder coat, wheels are gloss black. I built a make shift paint booth in my back yard and painted it with Sherwin Williams Rootbeer paint, also my first time.


Coming from sport bikes this was the first ridged I’ve ever ridden; and I was surprised how smooth it ran. After getting the carbs tuned the bike starts first or second kick every time.


I built the bike for a friend for mine who was deployed to Afganistan. I really wanted to have it done for him when he got home; so many hours after work and weekends were spent in my garage. In total I have well over 1000 hours in to the build over a 4 months period. I’m already started on my next project, a pre unit Triumph…


All in all, the bike turned out much better than I could have hoped and my friend was super excited about it, you can see the build pics on my facebook page if you want.

Reiland SSgt Jonathan