-07 2015
Jed prentiss- This is the second coming of my bike “Orange Happiness” posted here last year. The Pothole Dodger came about after a few thousand miles on the sprung Rich Phillips solo seat. I opted for a custom fiberglass seat pan and yoga pad upolstered seat to save my backside.

-02 2015

For the front end, I wanted something different. Failing to find fork shrouds to my liking, I decided to build my own. I wrote up the process on my Chop Cult profile, Jed1966, if anyone is interested. The nacelle is my design. The handlebars are Zombie Performance mini apes. The paint is by me, spray can and lettering enamel. The horse saddlebags I found on eBay from a ranch in Colorado then cut them to fit my seat.

-01 2015 -03 2015 -04 2015 -05 2015 -06 2015

The photos are were taken at the Deadbeat Retreat last summer here in Maine by Keith Mayhem and posted on that blog.

Not a day goes by, I don’t check in on this site for inspiration.

Keep the XS alive, I’m starting another resurrection this winter on a XS1979 SG model.

Keep your wheels on the road and mind the “potholes” from hell.