Namazu Resize 2006

Starting at the front are forks from an XV820? It was the chain drive Virago. With them came the dual brakes and an electronic tach. Braided stainless brake lines help to firm up the grip. Headlight bucket is from a midnight Virago750. I found the front fender in the woods out back of Nick’s Cycle Salvage. No charge. Back in the ’70s I used to do all Nick’s painting for him and we would wrench on all makes from all countries including Japan. Then one day he got a bug up his ass and went no more Triumphs, BSAs, Nortons, I think BMW would have made the cut but nobody new what to do with them, Then he looks at me and says “and yours is the only Jap bike allowed in my shop”. It’s all different now though. Any body on anything is welcome. Golf carts, scooters, you ride you’re in the club.
Back to Namazu, If you look carefully between the exhaust pipes you can see the orange of a FRAM PH3614 spin-on filter, but I do not recommend FRAM any more. Use that # to cross reference any number of better choices. Those pipes are a pair of BUBS the ones that put BUB on the high performance map Then a pair of mufflers from Nick. MikuniVM34 roundslides, K&N Air filters. The saddlebags are breadbags from the Danish Army. Solo saddle and P-pad are Harley-Davidson part #s.

The saddle is held to the frame by 7/8″ handlebar risers. Progressive suspension controls the swingarm custom made for me by Hoyt, I miss him, man he caught cancer and he died, he died. Stock drum in the back but I never use it. Stock fender, Wal Mart Trailer light later changed to a lucas clone that I crammed full of LEDs. License plate holder is H-D part#. Shoes are conti supertwins T sigs are LED with the stems cut way short. 3 Relays shoot the juice directly from battery to Hi beam, Lo beam, and Horn. by way of AWG10 wire WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!