Paul Wilson – Hey guys, I am hoping to post my bike here for sale. I posted my bike here years ago when I started building it and now….5 years later, or so….I am moving on with it. I loved this bike and still do so without further ado, let me give the list of what this beast is…..

This bike like a lot of others started out from the local swap meet….my first chop. Over built my first hard tail rear end, used the motor as is and rode the hell out of it. The next year I change some things and the last year It was officially built, I rephased the motor to 277 and added a Probe engineering ignition system to it, added round slide Mikunis to it…MegaCycle cam and of she went. What you see today is the culmination of ideas and things that work and work for good. You are seeing this bike as I have ridden it for the last 6 years and ridden it well. It does not break, it is a solid bike that is made for riding.

Forward controls, foot clutch, suicide shift, stock charging system (no matter what anyone says) is still kicking (added a red/green charging indicator to the frame). The charging system had new rotor and brushes when I put it in 8 years ago….


NEVER any issues with it. Highway foot rest on left side on motor casing for those seat positions. Generic Tag mount, with roadster re-pop tail light (from Youngs Choppers & Hot Rods, formerly of Marietta GA,  friend of a friend). Seat pan is fiberglass, I made, and had an upholstery shop cover about 5 years ago. Tank is a Japanese Wassel knock-off (OG Wassel wont fit back bone of Stock XS frame) and the paint is by my buddy, Ben Price, Marietta GA. Internal Throttle and no front brake.



Like I said, I have ridden this bike for the last 5 years as you see it now and its been run rephased from 2007. Rephasing an XS is the best thing you can do for it, perfomance, vibration, response is all improved dramatically.