The Mongols Motorcycle Club has garnered an infamous status in the motorcycling world. Founded in the late 1960s, you might recognize them for their distinctive patches or have caught wind of their storied rivalries with other motorcycle clubs. Their influence stretches across the United States, although their roots are firmly planted in Southern California. Bearing a name that evokes the fierce Mongol Empire of history, the club has built an identity that’s complex and often misunderstood by the public.

Here are 7 things you should know about this club:

1. Origins

The Mongols Motorcycle Club has its roots in the late 1960s, specifically founded in 1969. Imagine cruising through the streets of Montebello, California, where a group of Hispanic motorcyclists decided to band together, forming the very core of what would become a legendary motorcycle club.

The club’s early years were characterized by rapid growth, transitioning from a local group of riding enthusiasts into an organization that caught the attention of authorities due to its members’ activities. They were quickly recognized as part of the “outlaw” biker subculture—a term tied to motorcycle clubs that operate outside the mainstream norms and laws.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the club’s inception:

  • Founded: 1969
  • Location: Montebello, California
  • Initial Membership: Predominantly Hispanic riders

The Mongols Motorcycle Club didn’t just stay within the confines of Montebello; they expanded exponentially. Within a few years, chapters sprouted up across key cities in California such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Long Beach. Each chapter carried the fierce spirit and sense of brotherhood encapsulated by the club’s founders.

As the Mongols Motorcycle Club grew, so too did its notoriety. This history of the Mongols goes into more detail about how they built their reputation during these formative years. It’s a fascinating journey from a band of motorcycle lovers to one of the most talked-about clubs in America.

2. Reputation

The Mongols are part of the notorious “one-percenter” motorcycle clubs. This term originates from the American Motorcycle Association’s statement that 99% of motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens, implying the remaining 1% are not.

Due to their activities, the Mongols have been under intense scrutiny by law enforcement, resulting in numerous arrests and legal battles over the years.

Remember, the club’s reputation doesn’t come from thin air, but it’s also important to distinguish between individual actions and the group as a whole. Keep in mind that motorcycle clubs can have chapters that vary widely in their activities and behavior.

3. Legal Battles

The Mongols Motorcycle Club has faced significant legal challenges over the years.

  1. Trademarks and Identity: A notable case included the government’s attempt to seize the Mongols’ collective membership marks, including their iconic logo. However, a federal judge ruled in favor of the Mongols, allowing them to retain their trademarks.
  2. RICO Indictments: The club has also been indicted under the RICO Act. This indictment wasn’t just targeting individuals but included the entire entity of the Mongols Nation, which was a significant move by the federal government.
  • Smuggling and Violence: Over the years, members have been accused and convicted of various crimes, including drug smuggling and violent acts. These criminal activities have often been at the center of their legal troubles.
  1. Informants and Leaders: To add to the complexity, it’s been revealed that some of the Mongols’ leaders were informants, which has caused internal strife and affected the outcomes of some legal proceedings.

4. Patch Controversy

Credit:instagram @ela_mongols

If you’re following the ongoing legal battles involving the Mongols Motorcycle Club, you might find the disputes over their patch particularly fascinating. The club’s patch, which features a depiction of Genghis Khan riding a motorcycle, is more than an insignia—it’s a symbol of identity for the members.

  • Legal Challenges:
    The federal government has taken extraordinary steps to control the use of the Mongols’ logo due to various criminal activities tied to the club. Every member of the Mongols was indicted as part of a larger RICO lawsuit with the intent of seizing the club’s marks, a legal action that has sparked significant debate on property rights and freedom of expression. You can read about the legal actions taken against the club in this news coverage.
  • Verdict Outcomes:
    A federal jury decided the U.S. government could indeed seize the Mongol Nation’s trademark logo. This Patch article provides details on the verdict and its implications for trademark law.

However, despite these setbacks, the Mongols have fought back. Their tenacity paid off when a judge ruled in their favor, stating the government could not possess the Mongols’ patches. This decision underscored the complexity of trademark and criminal law, as reported in the Washington Post.

5. Rivalries

Credit:instagram @ela_mongols

The Mongols Motorcycle Club has established a notable presence since its inception in 1969. As with many groups of its kind, rivalries with other motorcycle clubs are part of their history.

Key Rivalry
Perhaps the most well-known rivalry is with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Emerging in the early 1970s, this rivalry has been marked by incidents over the years reflecting an ongoing power struggle between the two clubs.

  • Territorial Disputes: Turf wars are common, with both clubs often vying for control over the same geographic areas.
  • Conflict Incidents: Altercations have at times escalated to violence, including brawls and more serious confrontations.

Recent Developments
In recent years, there have been reports of confrontations in cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, where Mongols and their rivals came into conflict.

6. Charity Organizations

Despite the tough exterior often associated with biker clubs, you may be surprised to learn that the Mongols Motorcycle Club also engages in charity work.

The Mongols Motorcycle Club has been known to engage in various charitable activities. For example, the video above is highlighting the Highland Park Mongols MC giving an early Christmas gift to a 10-year-old named Damian who was fighting leukemia.

7. Notable Violent Crimes

Credit:instagram @ela_mongols

The Mongols Motorcycle Club has been repeatedly linked to serious criminal activities. Below are some noteworthy instances highlighting their violent crimes:

  • Racketeering and Murder: In a documented federal case, six members of the Mongols were found guilty of racketeering conspiracy, which included murder.
  • Drug-related Crime: The club has a history with the drug trade, particularly methamphetamine. Your awareness of this can be underscored by many reports and arrests over the years.
  • Gang Wars: They’ve been involved in violent conflicts with other motorcycle clubs. The intensity of these gang wars has often resulted in injuries and fatalities.
  • Assault and Kidnapping: Various instances of assault and even kidnapping have been attributed to the Mongols, as part of their broader pattern of illegal activities.

Remember, while these are indeed serious offenses, they reflect the actions of certain individuals within the club and do not necessarily represent the beliefs or behaviors of all members.