The Free Souls Motorcycle Club has been a significant presence in Eugene, Oregon since its founding in 1968. This outlaw motorcycle club has garnered attention for its tight-knit community, distinctive patch, and alleged connections to criminal activities. In this article, we’ll explore five essential things you should know about the Free Souls, delving into their history, reputation, and impact on the local community.

1. The Free Souls Were Founded in 1968

The Free Souls Motorcycle Club was founded in 1968 in Eugene, Oregon by a group of men who shared a deep passion for riding Harley Davidson motorcycles. These founding members came together to create a brotherhood based on their love for the open road, forming a tight-knit community that would stand the test of time.

The club’s early years were marked by a focus on riding, partying, and enjoying the freedom that came with being part of a motorcycle club.

2. They Are the Most Prevalent Motorcycle Club in Eugene

Despite their relatively small membership of around 30 individuals, the Free Souls are considered the most prevalent motorcycle club in Eugene, Oregon. This prevalence can be attributed to their long-standing history in the area and their ability to maintain a strong presence despite the rise and fall of other motorcycle clubs.

The Free Souls’ enduring presence has made them a well-known fixture in the local community, with their distinctive patch and clubhouse serving as recognizable symbols of their club.

3. The Club’s Vice President Was Murdered in 1980

In 1980, the Free Souls Motorcycle Club faced a tragic event when the Vice President of the Eugene chapter was murdered. This shocking incident brought the club into the public eye and raised questions about the potential for violence within motorcycle club culture.

The murder served as a grim reminder of the risks associated with being part of an outlaw motorcycle club and the inherent dangers that can come with the lifestyle.

4. Members Wear a Distinctive Three-Piece Patch

Members of the Free Souls Motorcycle Club are easily recognizable by the distinctive three-piece patch they wear on their vests. This patch, which features the club’s name and logo, serves as a visual identifier for members and a symbol of their dedication to the club.

The three-piece patch is a common feature among outlaw motorcycle clubs, with the top rocker typically displaying the club’s name, the center patch showcasing the club’s logo, and the bottom rocker indicating the member’s location or chapter.

5. The Free Souls Have Ties to Other Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

The Free Souls Motorcycle Club has been known to associate with other outlaw motorcycle clubs, as evidenced by a 2008 event where they hosted a celebration at their clubhouse in Eugene that was attended by members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The Mongols, another notorious outlaw motorcycle club, have been linked to criminal activities and violent incidents.

The presence of Mongols members at the Free Souls’ event underscores the interconnected nature of the outlaw motorcycle club scene and the potential for these clubs to have ties to criminal organizations.

The Free Souls Motorcycle Club has been a significant part of the Eugene, Oregon community for over five decades, establishing themselves as the most prevalent club in the area. From their founding by passionate Harley Davidson riders to their distinctive three-piece patch and alleged connections to other outlaw clubs, the Free Souls have created a complex legacy that is both celebrated and controversial.

As you explore the world of motorcycle clubs, it is essential to understand the history, symbolism, and potential risks associated with these groups, as exemplified by the Free Souls Motorcycle Club.