xs650-chop-mls gasket

Mark from Ottoco come out with a MLS head gasket for the XS650’s. Ottoco is putting the latest manufacturing techniques used in racing applications to the vintage market.

Ottoco designed a MLS head gasket for the Yamaha XS650. MLS stands for multilayer steel.  MLS head gaskets are used in current model year motorcycles and most racing engines. The gasket is made from multiple layers of stainless steel. The outer layers are coated with high temperature Viton and embossed to seal both the combustion area and return oil areas.

MLS head gaskets function differently from typical composite or copper based gaskets. Where a composite or copper gasket relies on the permanent deformation of the material to seal, MLS gaskets rely on the spring action of the embossed stainless to seal under clamping.

MLS gaskets do not require any sealants nor do they require re-torquing of the cylinder heads after break in.

The retail price on the gasket is $49.50 and are available @ Ottoco.com

Ottoco will also be developing additional engine gaskets for the XS650 in the future and are open to suggestions on areas of the XS650 engine that can benefit from modern sealing materials.