Here’s a unique and resourceful build from one of our members, Ryan Smith. Ryan sent us five fantastic photos of his Yamaha XS650, capturing it from every angle. His story is a testament to creativity and the DIY spirit. Let’s dive into the details of Ryan’s one-of-a-kind build.


Ryan’s XS650 started life as a stock bike, but it didn’t stay that way for long. Shortly after acquiring it, Ryan decided to give it a personal touch. He strutted the bike, chopped the rear fender, and fabricated a custom seat. With these modifications, he rode it to Smoke-Out 9, showcasing his initial handiwork.


Over the winter, Ryan decided to take things a step further. He tore the bike apart and took the frame to Hillbilly’s Wicked Choppers for a hardtail conversion. This gave the bike a classic, rigid look that’s perfect for a custom chopper. But Ryan didn’t stop there—everything else was done in his backyard, using whatever he had on hand.


One of the most interesting aspects of Ryan’s build is the use of unconventional parts. From a lawnmower blade to an XR80 valve tappet, his bike features a mix of components that you wouldn’t typically find on a motorcycle. This resourceful approach not only adds character but also highlights Ryan’s ingenuity and willingness to make the most of what he had available.


Ryan aimed for a simple build, focusing on functionality and style. The photos show off the clean lines and custom touches that make this XS650 stand out. Despite having a few more tweaks in mind, Ryan finds it hard to stop riding long enough to finish them. And who can blame him? With a bike this cool, we’d want to be out on the road as much as possible too.


Ryan’s XS650 is a great example of what you can achieve with creativity, resourcefulness, and a bit of elbow grease. His backyard build is not just a motorcycle; it’s a rolling testament to the DIY spirit and the joy of making something truly unique. Thanks for sharing your build with us, Ryan!