Parked in a guy’s garage for 18 years..

Describe Your XS650: Year: 1979
As you know the biking thing never goes away and with the ungodly prices of the HD’s I went back to my teenage roots and got a 1980 XS650 Special with about 6000 miles for for $500 that had been parked in a guy’s garage for 18 years, Brought it home and got it running the 1st day.

Original intent was a simple hardtail just to f*** around with since I had gotten rid of my last scooter about 7 years prior due to family obligations and lack of time to give my 60 pan the attention it deserved. I needed something to do for my own mental health so I called it “Metal Health”983gjy1y

I rode it in various forms while I acquired a titled 79 frame, then a Crazy Frank fender from eBay for cheap. There went the hardtail plan for a swing arm adapted to fit the fender, Then another cheap eBay item a nice old 70’s Smith Brothers and Fetro Girder, 18 over I think. So then I had the frame stretched and raked, HD neck to bring it all together.


The paint was a complete fubar that worked out to look cool so I went with it. Paint type miss match I guess. I kinda just went with where the chopper led me for the most part. Certain ideas didn’t work and others came from those failures.


Outside of the frame stretch it was all pretty much done in my 10′ x 16′ shed. Such as forward controls, Jockey shift, rear belt final drive, dual disc front brakes, side covers, paint and everything else. As it says on the tank “I built mine”Outside of when I had my 60 Pan as a trike this bike gets more attention everywhere I go be it MC related events or around John Q public.


Of course it’s not done, probably never will. I’m thinking of adapting a Joe hunt magneto, a custom dual or single carb set up, Frame powdercoat and new paint, more chrome, 750 kit, cam, port and polish, Blah, blah and more blah!!!!!!

Thanks Johnny Wad