Max – I saw an xs650 chopper at the skatepark and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I went home and found this website and started my addiction. Turns out my Dad gave an xs650 to his friend when I was born 20 years ago and was just sitting outside the past 10 years. Him being a good friend and because it was just sitting and rotting he gave me the bike last spring. The same time I got it my license had just gotten suspended so I went right into chopping and customizing it.

My Dad has a shop where he does fabrication and motorsport stuff so he gave me a space in his shop where I would go out and work on it.  My Dad  knows a lot about bikes, motors etc. so I had his help when I needed it but I wanted to do it on my own to learn as much as I could. Knowing I wasn’t gonna ride it till this summer I had a lot of time to build the bike of my dreams. I modified and customized the stock stuff how I wanted.

The only money I had was to get it running which cost a lot more than I thought. Took out some college savings for the omar kit and 19″ front wheel in the back, I’m glad I did because schools a joke and that rear wheel looks dope.

There was a bit of a clearance issue with the wheel and the battery box I made, which stopped me from riding it down for the Born Free 4 show. I couldn’t be more stoked on how it came out, and its so much fun to ride too!