Tpearl – I had a few questions about my bike from a YouTube my friend made posted on this site, so I figured I’d send a little write up. I’ve got this bike all over the web, so apologies for those of you who are sick of it.

I started with a pair of XS’s from Oklahoma a year ago. Sold one and a cache of parts to get started on my non-running 75. My vision was a lanesplitter style chop, skinny, fast, and as inconspicuous as one can get with a chopper.

I opted for a TC Bros tail like everyone else. I like the way they look, but I probably would’ve done a Bird loop-tail if I wasn’t being cheap. I kept the stock 18″ and 19″ rain-catchers and the NOS IRC Sport 4.00’s.  The wheels and hubs got fresh powder and I replaced the spokes and nipples with stainless from mikesxs.  I laced and trued the wheels and mounted the tires in my garage following experience building bicycle wheels. Front end is a 34mm early XS with Hugh’s 2″ drop kit and Pro Comp shock boots for gaiters, as well as new progressive springs.

Frame has typical detabbing, shaving, and gusseting, but I left the rake stock and the factory neck gusset to hide my ignition and kill switch. Upgraded to tapered steering head bearings, sealed bearings in the wheels, a speedo delete from Hugh, and all new wheel bearing seals. All motor mounts, hoops, hubs, trees, and headlight/taillight are powder-coated. I used appliance epoxy on the frame. It rules when you want to make a change that requires cutting or grinding on the frame after the fact.


Motor had leaky valve stem seals after I got it running, so I opted for a full rebuild last winter. Roger at Hoos Racing did my machine work.  Motor has a 700cc JE piston kit, Shell #1 cam, RD valve springs, Boyer Micro Digital ignition, Banshee PMA, and a refurbished head from Hoos as well. I’m using a pair of linked 76-77 BS38 Mikuni CV carbs with JBM diaphragms and manifolds. I used Tarozzi mids for my controls. Foot clutch is a blacksmith billy part. Mid mounts, pipes, license bracket, battery box, a-bomb tank, shifter, framework, fender struts and mounts, and all other fab work done in my garage here in Dallas, TX.

Tank is a 2.1 gallon Frisco mount sporty with added sight glass and 3/8 Frisco style petcock bung.  Fender is a 7 metal west.  Paint was done by Steve Hennis at Flamethrower Customs, and I cannot recommend him enough. Doug Haifley covered the seat in leather with sonic boom pleats.  I shipped him my seat on a Friday and had it on my doorstep 6 days later. Few other little details include a Barnett Quick Twist throttle and cable, Hippy Killer grips, Monstercraftsman chain tensioner, UNI filters, solid riser bushings, and some cool electrical treats from K4 switches and Centech wiring. I’m sure there’s a few things I’ve missed, but if anyone has questions please feel free to Comment.

Thanks for running such a cool site Ted.


(pics by Rock Cunanan)