XS650 bobber shakedown (reprise)

Follow-up video to the first video uploaded in Sept. 2011. Engine has been bored out to 750cc. Changed tank from a sportster tank to a Frisco tank. New paint on tank and fender. Seat pan upholstered. Pipes painted black with black heat insulation wrap.


  1. mike lytle says:

    very nice job on the bike, very clean build……….as others on this site have said…..needs a front brake……..all go and no whoa ain’t good, but all things considered very, very nice work……..thanks for sharing

  2. turdherder says:

    Great looking work! If I were going to run the just the front spool with no brake I’d shave the lower legs. Its got a lot going on mechanically for the controls but its all nice looking work. God I love this site!

  3. Barney says:

    Cool shifter and tank. What’s up with the fan?

  4. mookie says:

    for your sake(and your families) i hope you never actually need to stop in a hurry.
    especially while your holding on with one hand!-and a drumbrake at that…
    1912- maybe it was a simpler time with slower speeds and fewer cars but this day and age it’s not wise- but hey you look cool.and after all riding choppers IS a lot to do with looking cool.
    nice work on the build from what i see of the video though.

  5. tpearl says:

    I have a front disc setup. The front hub is factory XS, not a spool. I can’t fit an M/C on the drag bars with the dog bones; I have a set of tbars from front st. showing up today.

    I think this site crawls for content, I don’t usually submit here. I have a build thread on chopcult for anyone interested.

  6. davethewrench says:

    HeHe…Yup it’s all about looking cool
    Who needs to stop before getting to the bar:)

  7. Jeff says:

    RAD scoot! Very similar to a triumph i been usin as inspiration for my xs. Who makes tank and fender? Is tank narrowed? Great job!

  8. Ixion says:

    Whats the big nut at the bottom of the tank for? Looks groovy, but also looks like it’d take yer nadgers off under heavy braking…

  9. PlugHead says:

    This bike is sick!! I’ll take it off your hands for $500.

  10. tpearl says:

    Jeff, tank is a repop frisco mount sporty, nothing special and not narrowed. The fender is a spun steel from 7 metal west. Are you talking about Brandon Couterier’s white trash build?

    Ixion, the nut at the bottom is a fuel sight glass.

  11. nobody says:

    very nice…..balance those carbs!!

  12. Jeff says:

    Yeah Brandons bike is the one I’m talkin bout. Like ur fender far more but overall like his bike. Lines just really work. Again dude good work.

  13. mike lytle says:

    just curious what does the phrase “CRAWLS” mean???? as in this site CRAWLS…….according to tpearl……..

  14. nobody says:

    Just like on so many of my other negative posts……TUNING IS KEY!