Ross – Well I’ve always wanted a bobber and was going to build a Sporty into one like the Sucker Punch…. Then like a dream … This showed up at my local bike shop one day (The guy owed some money to the mechanics I’m guessing, didn’t ask and didn’t care).
It was exactly what I was looking for. after sitting for month or so I made an offer to the guys. The guys were going to make it a flat tracker, and everyone wanted it. But being one of there best clients and buying them beer and food on the weekends all the time and riding with em for years i talked them into selling it to me. Well guns talked and traded a few killer weapons for it. Big Guns. 🙂 This motivated the guys to get it up and running for me and that’s how I got my hands on a basket case. But it was my basket case. so “WE” ( I say “WE” because I hung out every knight and weekend as support with lots of beer and grub.. I did help at times but mostly they wanted to build me my dream bike, but it was to keep me out of the way I’m thinking. Funny because I used to tell the guys “one day I’m building me a bobber”.. As good friends as they were they would nod and grunt “Sure man .. Sure” with the understanding that it would never happen 🙂 And that’s how the story started. Now I’ll make it my own, thanks to sites like this I’ve been getting the parts and accessories to get it to the bike I want to be buried with.