Well, the bike was found on Kijiji listed as a 1977 Yamaha 650.
I placed the call and after the older lady told me all she knows is it says special on the ownership and it runs good and that her husband had it out and dropped it in the driveway and broke the blinker, it’s to big for him and they just want to sell it. “her words”

I paid $400.00 for it and the strange thing is that the wife and son sold it to me, I’m not sure if the husband got hurt or they didn’t tell him they were selling it.


I cut the bike in my garage with the grinder and ordered a hard tail from TC Bros. I did take the bike to a few places to get it welded and I was surprised to learn a lot of people don’t want to be responsible for your death and will not help you.

I also learned that you have to sit in the garage for hours and hours and hours with water and sandpaper to make a 1977 engine shine again!

Paint…soon, maybe this weekend I’ll get that far.

Some of the parts:
Vintage Wassell gas tank, listed as an old chopper tank on ebay, just a lucky day I guess.

Oil tank from a Harley, I went big to house the battery as well.
Turned out to be a lot more work cutting for the chain to pass, as well as cutting the battery into it.

  • Bars from TC Bros.
  • Limp dick tail light.
  • La Rosa seat
  • Chrome controls: Mikes XS, not yet on the bike
  • Small Speedo: Mikes XS
  • Custom foot pegs
  • Shorty Pipes: ebay