-9 2014

Fndirtygreaser’s 78′ XS6FILTHY – Trouble Loves Me

Manny – Picked up the bike pretty much as a roller a few years back.  Didn’t know anything about the xs650. Had to find someone to adjust my carbs to get it going. After having things fall apart or stop working I decided to dive into the xs650 world read/research ,work on bike , repeat! I scored a DNA 2under springer on CL AND 80 spoke 21″ on eBay ad that’s when the transformation started to happen.  Every month I hit the LB moto swap meet and scored a sporty tank with a vintage patina rust. Had mason at psychoresin.com custom make me a Jesus tail light. That’s where praise the lowered came into play.  

-2 2014

It just fit the bike well since the bike has 2″ clearance. I ride this chopper hard and take it to as many shows as I can hit.

-3 2014 -5 2014 -7 2014

Some specs in the bike 78‘ vm34 carbs,boyer ignition,everything else stock, 39 degree rake, 4.5 stretch with custom elswickcycles type hard tail, guide headlight off the left side, foot clutch hand shift, dna springer with shock, 21″ 80 spoke, custom one off Jesus tail light, spike intake, tractor brake light, geisha skate in case of break down lol , Monstercraftmen chain tensioner and small details like the vintage rose and skulls necklace,rosaries,praying hands ignition cover ,spinning Jesus tach cover, b knuckles brake lever, knives and hammer on fork legs etc that make this bike truly unique and a part of me.

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