-2 2014

Eric – This bike was built to ride fast and hard.  It’s got ample ground clearance for hopping curbs, slim profile, and a rephased fire breathing beast of a motor fed by two Dellorto 36mm carbs, squished with JE high comp slugs, fired by pamco.

The brains behind it all is a street-able (kinda) Megacycles cam.  Exhaust was fabbed out of 1.625″ tubing.

-1 2014 -3 2014 -9 2014

The rear wheel is a front hub adapted to the rear with an 18″ rim and big ol firestone.  This tire can be fun in the corners!  Not exactly a performance tire….

-5 2014 -6 2014 -7 2014
Frame was built by Lions Speed Shop in Edmonton Alberta Canada.  It’s stretched quite a bit and only dropped a little.  Tank is a NOS Wassel that had never had tabs welded on it before.

-4 2014 -8 2014

It lasted a few months before I had to re weld the seam that split open.  Has been good for a few years since.

At one point she was street legal in canada(almost).  But all the signals have been rattled to death by now, brake light works though!

Stop reading about bikes, go out and build or ride.