Cruising through online I saw this bike for 400$ I had never seen an xs 650 for that cheap before, so I bought and decided to start my first build from ground up.


Got the bike home and began to strip and tag all the parts so when I start to put it back together I wouldn’t be so confused.  Once all stripped I ordered a hardtail kit from TC Bros, I than measured 100 times and than made my cuts.


The hardtail came in, loaded the cut up frame and hardtail kit and took a ride to see a friend. After a few beers the frame was now rigid!


Now with it sitting with a hardtail I decided to upgrade the charging system and delete the battery and make this chopper build batteryless and a kick only start(keeping it old school).


Order a PMA kit and capacitor from TC Bros and installed it the day it came it, now I installed the motor back in the frame.


I didn’t know if this motor would run or not because the fella I bought it from had for 15 years and only road it 3-5 times and decided to rebuild it 3 years ago and it hadn’t started since his rebuild.


But I slapped in the frame. And after a few more beers and friends with electrical knowledge we got it all wired up(mocked up until I build a container for all the electrical)


After what felt like 100,000 kicks and figuring out that I had my points wired wrong and my fuel line in the wrong spot, it  finally started without any problems!


Now it’s time to figure out rear brakes, fender, lights, electrical container and a seat to finish up the rear of this build.


Submitted by Justin Laurence

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