first-build-xs650-bike-4   Bought a stock 83 xs 650. Rode it for about two weeks and thought… nah I want a chopper (got more of a bobber).

Bought a Larry bird loop tail and welded it on lowbrow fender,tank, forward controls and handlebars.

The shifter I stole off the old mans pan head.


Did some fab to make it work along with some brackets to make the foot clutch work. The rear brake cable is a clutch cable off a sporty.


The headlight mount is just a piece of aluminum I found.


The eyebrow was in a pile of parts at my buddy Dozer’s shop.


Who “didn’t help but lent a guiding hand”.(answered questions and stopped me from fucking anything too serious up).

When the fan was done, I rattle canned it. Spent a few days banging my head against the walls over some wiring diagrams.


And poof got running riding pile of flat black rust.

This is my first bike.

I bought and built.

So critique anything.

That needs critiquing cuz this is just version 1.


Submitted by Jordan