I got this bike from a guy that had it on craigslist.  The ad said ” motorcyle for sale 650 on different frame” haha so I called him and went to check it out. I was amazed when I got there and it had tons of potential. The guy was older and told me it was something he just didnt have time to complete but he said he had the frame a long time and that it was from a triumph.


He told me the frame was a 1952 preunit factory hardtail… Wether thats true or not I do not know but the stamping on the frame is old and begins with a T so who knows. Anyhow the donor xs was in good shape and the running gear only had 13,601 miles on it and was freshened up at around 6000.


SO I took the bike home and began the build. I had to fabricate the all the mounts for engine, seat, fork stops etc because the ones on the frame did not line up. So that took a while. I stripped the factory XS wire wheels of there clear coat and polished the lips, then chassis coated the inside along with the frame. I put a mustang style tank on with the black and orange paint scheme.


I wanted to do something different with the bars so I ended up ditching the 7/8 mounts and got a harley 1″ mount, I cut the top plate and smoothed it, got longer bolts to mount to the top tree and bam fit like a glove! I got some sweet 8″ rise Z bars from Road 6 Customs and slapped those on. My dad had a brake master and clutch setup from his Dyna harley so I was able to use that.


The harley brake line worked mint as well.Nice blade styles levers. As for the clutch I modifed the harley clutch cable to fit and just opened the hole on the side cover a little for the nipple to fit. It literally could not work ANY better. Its so smooth and effortless to pull compared to the stock xs setup. I then fabricated the pegs and brake pedal which is from high tensile chain, which i thing is kinda neat.


The pegs are made from big bolts with big nuts threaded on and tig’d together. Most of the smaller stuff is powdercoated. Almost all of the hardware is stainless, newly rebuilt fron caliper, new shoes in the back, solo seat with 3″ springs, mini turn signals for Johnny law, bates style stainless headlight, Duo stainless tailight on Road 6 Customs mount, new battery, new front tire and tube, rear was good. New points and condensors, new plugs and wires, polished engine fins and painted hi-temp black. Theres more im sure but cant remember it all! Bike rides awesome and has great power.

Sounds good and goes great.