Soon Enough The Only Part Left!

Year: 1979

Describe Your XS650:
Ok, I’m not sure if the bike got submitted last time I tried, so here it is again. This bike started out as a simple project, I was going to build some bars for it, then change the tail section a little. Then I heard that the stock XS650 forks are kind of wobbly and benefit from a fork brace. I thought that was crappy, so I came up with the bright idea to replace the forks with Kawasaki ZX6R forks and brakes, then I decided I didn’t like the way this looked, or that looked, and soon enough the only part of the bike left is the front half of the frame and the engine! I decided to go with an air-ride system because I’ve never worked with air before, and wanted to try it.


Basic specs: Engine is stock except for the exhaust, which i built. Literally, I didn’t even really touch the motor, I bought a few gaskets for it and it fired right up! I got the bike as a $300 parts bike so I had no idea if it even ran. The forks as mentioned are 2004 inverted radial caliper mount sportbike forks.


The brakes are a combination of the factory Kawasaki dual 4-piston calipers and 2008 Harley road glide rotors. It’s running a 240mm rear tire, 120mm front. The rear tire is ran using a combination of a custom offset sprocket and a jackshaft setup. The bars I built myself, along with the rear half of the frame and the swingarm, and the seat, ect…


I just finished painting the bike, and am in the process of reassembling it. Overall this bike rides fantastically, I’m really happy with it, and for being my first bike build ever I’m pretty stoked. Let me know if you’ve got any questions!

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