Based on the entertaining video below, this article explores the colorful spectrum of dirt bike riders you’re likely to encounter. From those decked out in the latest gear to the veterans reminiscing about the good old days, here’s a rundown of the nine types of dirt bike riders that make the off-road world so vibrant and diverse.

1. Wannabe Motocross Bro

The Wannabe Motocross Bro is all about the image. They’re the riders who spend as much on their gear as they do on their bikes, ensuring they look the part of a pro rider. Decked out in the latest Fly Racing Evo 2s or Kinetic Mesh gear, they’re often seen straddling a brand new YZ450F adorned with eye-catching graphics. They idolize legends like Carmichael and McGrath, believing that with the right look, they’re halfway to the podium.

These riders are convinced that style is just as important as substance. After every practice session, you’ll find them swapping out their gear, staying fresh and on-trend. It’s all about making a statement and standing out at the track, even if their skills aren’t quite on par with their heroes just yet.

2. Actual Motocross Bro

In stark contrast to the wannabes, the Actual Motocross Bro is the real deal. These are the seasoned professionals who have dedicated their lives to the sport. They’re the ones hitting the big jumps and throwing down laps with a skill level that leaves spectators in awe. For these riders, the thrill of motocross is unmatched, and they wouldn’t trade it for anything—not even the glamour of Supercross.

The Actual Motocross Bro is all about the ride and the post-race pit parties. They’re in it for the love of the sport and the community that comes with it. To them, motocross isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life that they pursue with passion and dedication.

3. Non-KTM Guys

There’s a special breed of rider who takes pride in avoiding the KTM bandwagon. The Non-KTM Guys are the ones who deliberately choose any brand but the popular orange machines. They might be seen ripping through trails on a CRF450R, boasting about their brand loyalty and how their choice of bike says something about their character.

These riders often engage in friendly banter with KTM owners, claiming that their non-KTM bikes offer a more authentic and challenging riding experience. They’ll argue that true skill comes from mastering any bike, not just the one that’s currently trending. And while they may secretly covet a KTM, they’ll never admit it—instead, they wear their brand choice like a badge of honor.

4. KTM Guys

On the flip side, we have the KTM Guys—riders who swear by their orange steeds. To them, KTM represents the pinnacle of off-road motorcycling, and they can’t fathom why anyone would choose anything else. They’re often quick to point out the superiority of their bikes and may come off as a bit snobbish to those not riding a KTM.

KTM Guys are more than just fans of the brand; they’re part of a culture that celebrates European engineering and performance. They’re willing to pay a premium for what they believe is the best experience on two wheels, and they’re not shy about trying to convert others to their orange way of life.

5. Redneck FMX Bro

The Redneck FMX Bro is a character straight out of a Craigslist ad. They’re the ones with a heavily modified bike that looks ready to take on the biggest jumps and roughest tracks. With cut fenders, flipped levers, and a shot rear tire, these bikes are a testament to their owner’s DIY spirit and love for freestyle motocross.

While they may not have the finesse of a professional FMX rider, the Redneck FMX Bro is all about having a good time and pushing the limits of what their homemade contraptions can do. They’re the backyard daredevils of the dirt bike world, always ready to attempt a new trick or hit a makeshift ramp.

6. ADV Bros

The ADV Bros, also known as Dual Sport bros, are typically older riders who have moved on from the high-octane world of motocross to the more measured adventure of travel enduro. They’re the ones with the expensive BMW GS or KTM 1190, ready to embark on epic journeys that most can only dream of.

These riders have the experience and the financial means to enjoy the finer things in the world of motorcycling. They’re often seen exploring backcountry roads and trails, fully kitted out with all the latest adventure gear and gadgets. For them, motorcycling is about the adventure and the stories they’ll have to tell.

7. Family Trail Riding Dude

The Family Trail Riding Dude is the weekend warrior. After a long week at work, they look forward to hitting the trails with their buddies and blowing off some steam. These riders come in all forms and ride a variety of brands, but they all share the love of riding and the camaraderie it brings.

These are the riders who cherish their time on the bike as a way to relax and reconnect with friends. They’re known for their post-ride beers and laughter, sharing tales of the day’s adventures. For them, trail riding is a family affair, and it’s about making memories as much as it is about the ride itself.

8. Beer Drinking Bench Racer

The Beer Drinking Bench Racer is the life of the party. They’re as passionate about the post-ride festivities as they are about the ride itself. Despite their rough-around-the-edges appearance and mismatched gear, they know their way around a bike and can ride with the best of them.

These riders are a reminder that dirt biking is as much about fun and friendship as it is about competition and skill. They might start the day with a hangover, but they’ll end it with stories and laughter, proving that you don’t need to take everything too seriously to enjoy the sport.

9. The Flashback Man

Finally, we have The Flashback Man, the vintage enthusiast who’s been riding since what seems like the dawn of time. They’re decked out in gear that harkens back to the sport’s earlier days, complete with a white and pink splattered chest protector and those iconic High Point Boots.

These riders are a walking history lesson, full of tales from the past and a deep respect for the roots of motocross and off-road riding. They may not chase the latest trends, but they hold a wealth of knowledge and experience that’s invaluable to the community. They remind us that while the sport evolves, its heart and soul remain timeless.

In the diverse world of dirt biking, each rider brings their own flavor to the trails. Whether it’s the gear-obsessed Wannabe Motocross Bro or the seasoned Flashback Man, each one contributes to the rich tapestry that makes the sport so engaging and enjoyable. Here’s to the riders, the racers, the adventurers, and the weekend warriors who make up the colorful world of dirt biking. Each one, with their unique style and personality, helps to create the dynamic community we all love.