This site has been a huge inspiration.

I really can’t take all the credit for this bike. This site has been a huge inspiration. The previous owner did a lot of great work including completely rebuilding the motor and I took over where he left off. The Detroit Bros rebuilt the carbs and sorted out a lot of the wiring issues after a “friend” wrapped a fuse in aluminum foil and started fire to my already ambitious project! It was my first bike but it definitely won’t be my last. Here’s how it got started:

He said he was aiming for a Triumph inspired style of the early 70’s, and the first task was to strip off anything non-essential. Took off the large funky seat, mirrors and reflectors, turn signals, gauges and handlebar switches. Ditched the side covers and front fender, then shaved the front forks and lowered the rear with new shocks.

Fabricated a new rear fender and swapped out the taillight, then purchased a new headlight and unwrapped the entire wiring harness to trim it down to the essentials.

Tried to remove all visual clutter by relocating the ignition switch, regulator, rectifier and solenoid. Removed the rev limiter, LOTS of unnecessary wiring and decided to go with a single set of points while adding a new high output coil and plugs.


Put in a fresh battery, made a new tray from angle stock and hid the electronics underneath. Installed a new MAC exhaust, gaskets, K&N style air filters and a solo seat. It could use a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint but as the P.O. had said, the result is a much leaner, cleaner, lower looking bike.


I’m considering selling to fund my next project… if you’re interested at all, please send me an email and make me an offer. Thanks.

-Cheers! Donnie Miller