It’s time to feast your eyes on a real family affair of a build that’s come our way, courtesy of the English clan. Zane English, along with Adam and Jake, have rolled up their sleeves and turned a stock 1980 XS650 into a custom bobber that’s just oozing with style. They’ve sent us four snaps from different angles, and each one tells a story of collaboration, creativity, and a whole lot of custom cool.


From the first glance, it’s clear that this isn’t your everyday XS650. The English family has taken the time-honored classic and infused it with a fresh spirit that respects the bike’s roots while pushing the envelope. The low-slung profile, the clean lines—it all comes together in a package that’s as slick as it is soulful.

In one of the photos, we get a close-up of a sticker that simply states “ZAJ Customs.” It’s a small but mighty shout-out to the trio behind the transformation, a badge of honor that speaks to the heart and hustle that went into this build.


Zane didn’t dish out the nitty-gritty on the mods, but let the pictures do the talking instead. And talk they do. The bike’s stance is aggressive yet classic, a testament to the timeless appeal of the bobber style. The stripped-down aesthetic, the absence of unnecessary frills—it’s all about the ride, the road, and the rumble of the engine.


Big props to the English family for bringing this XS 650 Custom Bobber into the world. It’s builds like these that keep our community stoked and show that when it comes to custom bikes, the more personal the project, the better the result.


So here’s to Adam, Zane, and Jake—thanks for dropping some inspiration on us with your ZAJ Customs masterpiece. We’re all about that family bond and the shared passion for turning wrenches and laying down miles. Keep those builds coming, and who knows, maybe we’ll see more ZAJ Customs stickers gracing the pages of our site in the future.

Ride on, English family, and keep that custom fire burning!