Hey XS650 crew, we’ve got a double-take-worthy build from the Windy City that’s all about that bobber life. Jordan from Chicago has sent in a couple of snaps of his black beauty, and it’s clear this bike has had its fair share of chopping and bobbing to become the street prowler it is today.

Jordan’s XS650 is a testament to the power of transformation. He’s taken the classic lines of the XS650 and given them a fresh, stripped-down attitude. The bike is outfitted with a 2-to-1 exhaust system, and you bet there’s no muffler to muffle that beastly growl. It’s all about that raw, unfiltered sound that turns heads and stirs souls.


The engine’s been rebuilt to stock standards, which means Jordan’s keeping it real with the bike’s original performance spirit. But don’t let the “stock” fool you—paired with the bike’s new lean look, this engine’s got plenty of punch to push the limits of fun on the open road.

Clip-on bars and a solo seat are the cherries on top of this minimalist masterpiece. It’s a setup that’s not just about style; it’s about the rider’s connection to the machine and the road. And let’s not skip over those white walls—those tires bring a classic touch to an otherwise menacingly modern ride.


Submitted by Jordan

“Rides fast and furious, sounds great… way fun to ride.. Even more than my Duc!” says Jordan.

That’s some high praise coming from a Ducati rider, but we get it. There’s something special about a bike you’ve poured your heart and wrench into. It becomes more than just a ride—it’s a part of you.

And it seems like Jordan’s already cooking up plans for the summer, inspired by that Dutch bobber we all drooled over. We’re all about that inspiration life here, so you know we’re buzzing to see where Jordan takes his XS650 next.

Thanks for the pics, Jordan, and for sharing a slice of your Chicago-style bobber with us. Keep that inspiration flowing, and who knows, maybe your XS650 will be the next one sparking ideas across the globe.