Today’s showcase is all about firsts and fresh starts. We’ve got a treat straight out of Holland from Fred Veenendaal, who’s rolled up to the digital showcase with three pics of his very first bobber build—a 1978 XS650 that’s been given a whole new lease on life.

Fred’s garage shot is where the magic happens—a candid peek into the birthplace of his project. It’s a space filled with potential, where every tool and part holds the promise of transformation. This is where Fred’s XS650 began its journey from classic to custom, and the progress shot gives us a real feel for the hands-on dedication involved.

Now, let’s talk about the ride itself. Fred’s taken the XS650, already known for its solid steering, and added his own twist. By extending the wheelbase by 4 inches, he’s not only enhanced the bike’s stance but also given it a lower, meaner look that’s all attitude.

The wheels are a matching set of 16-inch beauties, over-spoked and wrapped in Conti Classics tires that scream style and grip. It’s a choice that’s as much about performance as it is about aesthetics, giving the bike a balanced feel that’s sure to turn heads on those Dutch streets.

But what’s a bobber without some killer pipes? Fred’s got that covered too. He’s borrowed a little thunder from his Ducati, outfitting the XS650 with a set of exhausts that are sure to make the bike sound as good as it looks. It’s these personal touches that make a build stand out, and Fred’s bobber is no exception.

A big shout-out to Fred for sharing his “My First Bobber” build with us. It’s always cool to see someone take the plunge into the world of custom bikes, and even cooler when they nail it on their first go. This 1978 XS650 is a testament to Fred’s vision and craftsmanship, and it’s got us all inspired to grab our wrenches and get to work.

So, Fred, here’s to many happy kilometers on your bobber, and to the future builds that your first foray has undoubtedly sparked. Keep us posted, man—your XS650 family can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Ride on, and groetjes from across the globe!