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The beast

Travis – My 71 bobber built the old fashion way with little tools and little money she’s changed looks time and time aging but she’s still a little screamer. (more…)

future chopper

Jeff – Just picked this up in a trade. Ive had a love affair with the X’s since I first started chopping.  Wished I had more time to work on
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More shrek no more

Tables – As promised here is an update of the rebuild of Shrek. To recap – Originally I wanted to build a Bobber but as things panned out I ended
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“Thors Hammer” Aussie bobber build progress

Steve – After doing some research and gaining some valuable advice from friends and those in the know, it was decided that an XS650 was the stead of choice for
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IOCWA – Nearly finished this little girl… Made everything at home in my garage in Australia… I just love this website… You guys are all so talented… I’ll post up
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A little Salt Flat influenced (In progress)

Hello everyone, I started this little custom about 9 months ago after receiving the bike from a Yamha rep at the MotoGp event in Indy. I plan on taking it
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