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dean xs 650 1

Work In Progress

Almost done.   (more…)

casey bobber 1

Casey’s Bobber

Been riding it for 9 years freshly chopped this last winter.     (more…)


Chris xs 650 bobber

Built over about three years.   (more…)

curt bucket list 1

Bucket List

Winter project to keep busy while the wife and the kids were fast a sleep.     (more…)

Morbid xs 650 1

Morbid’s 1981 xs 650 ‘Tiffany’

Started out as a parts bike from a friend I thought to myself – how hard would it be to build a bobber.   (more…)

Larry xs 650 1

Larry’s ’77 Garage Build

Just started this side project, 77 hard tail stretch, pamco ignition, complete AC-CDI electrical system (no battery!).   (more…)