Mid control conversion.

There are a number of different foot peg configurations that work well. Most of the mid control conversion for the xs650 that I’ve seen involve bolting or welding to the bottom frame rail. I really dig having the exhaust pipes flow along the bottom rail of the frame so bolting or welding to the bottom rail wasn’t something I wanted to do. I set out to make a set of mid controls using the original pegs to look factory. I played around with a dozen different configurations before coming up with this cantilevered Mid controls setup. I have never seen anyone run anything similar to this cantilever Mid control.


The parts that you’ll need to do this include:

  • Two rear brake pedals (which you will cut to length)
  • Two rear brake pivot arms (you will cut the arms section off and use the pivot shaft)
  • Two stock foot pegs cut off of mounting brackets.
  • Two round spacers. ( I used front wheel spacers)
  • One stock rear brake pedal.
  • One stock rear brake pivot arm.
  • One piece of thread rod with nuts and washers.


Here you can see all of the components arranged in the order they are put together.


Here the pivot shaft and round spacers are welded to the back motor mount. The pivot shaft is what holds the cut off brake pedal in place and cantilevers it around the motor.


Here you can see how it all comes together for a clean look. Now the foot peg is welded to the cut off brake pedal and the brake pedal mounts to the pivot shaft which is welded to the frame. The long threaded rod goes all the way through and pulls everything together.


Here is the left side with the brake pedal. With this setup you can take the mid-controls off and remove the motor mount bolt so you can pull the motor. Now the exhaust can be run along the bottom rail.

The Mid controls work great and cost nothing to make but some time and salvaged parts.




Here is an overview pic of my bike’s current state.  The bike is continuously changing. Next up on the to do list is: New rear finder, new headlight, new custom taillight, new chain, exhaust, paint ext.


Mulligan-machine published a post on a much simpler way to do mid control conversion for the xs650s.