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Mid Controls for Very Little Money

Never a huge fan of forward controls, I set out to make a set of mid controls for very little money, and a fair amount class/style. I knew of a few simple options that would work, but they just weren’t quite what I had in mind. I envisioned a set of cast peg mounts, bolting to the original exhaust mounts on the lower frame rails. For quite some time, I have been holding on to mounds of stock parts in pretty beat up shape. Within those tubs of forgotten and neglected parts, were the perfect platforms necessary to achieve the look I was after.

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I have seen a few bikes built before using the stock foot brackets, but never in this configuration. The first step, was to cut the brackets leaving only the original two mounting holes. Using an angle grinder and a polishing wheel, I was able to maintain a nice smooth end to match the non-cut side.


photomoto 004


With that sorted, I bolted the pieces in position, using only the rearward mounting holes on the lower frame rails. I then attached my cheapie fold-able pegs to the upper holes of the brackets. From there I was able to position the footing where I needed them.


photomoto 005


Tightening those into position, I then fabricated some thick sheet metal brackets to weld to the lower portions of the cut stockers. Drilling a hole for each side I then bolted them to the frame. These were then welded, which will keep the brackets from moving either forward or backward locking them into place for good. The reducer washers in the pics, came with the set of pegs I scored on E-bay for a few bucks.


photomoto 006


They worked great mounting both the pegs to the brackets, and then at the lower mounts on the back side before welding for extra stability. The brake arm was shortened roughly an inch or so, and the brake pivot was placed as close to the motor as possible to keep everything nice and tidy.


photomoto 008


The shifter side worked out perfect for placement, so no adjustment was necessary there.


photomoto 011


Hopefully all of that jargin above made some sense, and possibly will give you an idea or two as to what can be done with a pile of junk and a few hours of your time.




  1. Eric says:

    I’m with you on the mid controls man. Super nice bike and some nice controls.

  2. Joe says:

    Nice! Would be even cooler if they were HIGH Mids for that cool Frisco look.

  3. skr00zloose says:

    Nice, simple and clean. can’t ask for more than that. oh, and CHEAP is always good too.

  4. Roger says:

    Nice work.. Mid control rules…

  5. toe. says:

    that looks like the karatechop from over at chopper underground.
    i lifted that idea too. 🙂

  6. “that looks like the karatechop from over at chopper underground.”

    that’s cause it is. i unfortunately had to sell it before finishing it to a local guy. hopefully he does the bike justice and finishes it right.

  7. toe. says:

    its a great idea. i totally tried to rip it off the moment i laid eyes on it.

    sorry for redirect but this really helped me a lot.

  8. jeff harper says:

    i love it…send captain awesome the helmet!

  9. bradshaw says:

    bike looks good. simple and clean I like

  10. Ted says:

    It sucks that you had to let this bike go.. This is a great write up man.. I’m sure it will help some guys out. Thanks for sending it in.

  11. Blackwidow says:

    Real nice bike I like the way it’s turning out

  12. reynoldburton says:

    Nice idea with these midmounts, would like to do it on my bike too.
    But then I had to change my exhaust plans.
    Hmmm – I believe I must think over it.

  13. Blacksmithbilly says:

    Well done Captain.
    I loved the simplicity of this bike.
    Shame you had to sell it

  14. lil bastard says:

    Awsome! I think like blacksmith billy! On the simple things! Its a great lil bike!

  15. Hans from Holland says:

    Simple and clean solution for installing midpegs! ThanXS for the info.

  16. J-C says:

    I love the look of the firestone tires on front and rear. Looks to be stock sizes 18 in the rear and 19 in front. I wonder if they are 350, 400 or 450 in rear and 325 or 400 in the front?

  17. UtSulumSuusOwn says:

    Love it! Simple, cheap…what more do you want?!? I did something similar by reusing the passenger pegs and a piece of 1/4″ plate. Cut the plate down to a triangular shape, made sure it cleared my pipes, drilled the holes, and rebolted my exhaust with that sandwiched in between. Nothing like homebuilt mids!!!

  18. UtSulumSuusOwn says:

    OH…gotta agree with Jeff Harper: give him the helmet!!!

  19. Bryan says:

    man i have been trying to figure a decent way to run mids for too long. if i ever run into you im gonna buy you a beer.

  20. Bryan says:

    one question for you … does the kicker hit the peg at all???

  21. the kicker clears the peg fine.

    tires are 4.00×19 up front and a 4.50×18 in the rear if i remember correctly.

    thanks for all the kind words guys. makes me feel even dumber for ever selling it.

  22. sir wigston says:

    can anyone tell me who makes this seat???

  23. erik says:

    “can anyone tell me who makes this seat???”

    appears to be a west eagle seat i believe

  24. the seat is a la rosa i snatched up from ebay. it has a polished pan, so when you see the back side it’s all nice and purty…

  25. jonathank2226 says:

    Hopefully I can still get you by posting on ehere. I had a few questions. One, is that a g&l tail? if it is are the exhaust mounting brackets that you used to mount the mid controls in their original stock position? I am trying to get an idea of where I am going to cut the stock frame to put the hardtail on. The other question I had was what kind of brake setup is that on the front wheel? These are probably dumb questions but this is my first build.

  26. Zach says:

    Awesome write-up. I followed your directiongs to make my own mid controls and I’m super happy with the results. Did you fabricate the brake pivot system? If so, where’d you get it?

  27. mike v says:

    Great stuff. I’ll try something similar… combining with this pivot idea, since I didn’t get a pivot with the basket case I’m putting together.

    What’s the front end/front hub on that? I’ve been looking for something similar… a small cable-actuated front drum that fits the 650 17mm axle…


  28. John T. says:

    Thanks for the idea,I did mine and rotated them back a little.Work out slick.