Bring your bike to Leadfist.

No… this bike is not a bologna sandwich. it is a bike. and you cannot eat it… but bologna sandwiches are yummy, yes? this bike is a ’73 TX650 that i built with a friend. he was inspired by the Japanese brat-style bike builders, so he brought it to Leadfist for that bratty look. I never like to stick to one style, so i really enjoy the opportunity to work on projects that allow me to explore other influences. we shaved and lowered the front fork for that nice sleeeeek look, modified the frame for a drop-seat…

and added a set of Honda Rebel shocks. we also fitted it with a Triumph rear fender. nothing too extreme… just a basic, simple, rideable motorcycle. Thank you Kevin for bringing your bike to Leadfist. -Kyle Edgar, Leadfist Cycles.



Kevin- I took a few quick pix of the bike tonight in the garage. I was waiting to finish up a few things (black pipes, neaten up the wiring, psychadelic paint) and clean it up before taking some pix outside and submitting them. I kind of like the dirtiness of the bike/ pix though so I guess it’s cool. And some lady knocked the bike over and bent the forks a bit- don’t know if you can tell in the pix.



I’d love to tell you more about the build- it took a year because of my school schedule, and it was my first full custom. Kyle really helped me out- I had a vision (Visiting Bratstyle a few months before helped with that) but without him it would be a very different bike.

TXnov7 TXnov8

Talk to you soon,
PS- there’s a bunch more pix of the bike in it’s various stages on my flickr site here:

And I forgot to mention that the seat was drawn by me and tooled by my friend Jay at Pirate Upholstery in Kingston NY.