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The Pothole Dodger

Jed prentiss- This is the second coming of my bike “Orange Happiness” posted here last year. The Pothole Dodger came about after a few thousand miles on the sprung Rich Phillips solo seat. I opted for a custom...

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Johns xs650

It’s a 1981, with a 250 mm tire, and a built jack shaft to run this size tire. The frame is raked 8 degrees and molded. The paint is house of color…. base coat cinder red with candy apple tangerine on top. All the...

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Gal – 78 650 SE

Gal – I purchased this bike in 1978, sold it to a buddy that left it outside for 10 years & then bought it back. It was such a rat by then I didn’t feel bad changing it up a bit. I had more fun doing this bike...

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1972 xs650 Rat Bike

Nat Dub – Bike is loud and fun. Weathered hard tail with lots of personality. Piston tail light, beer opener on the motor, kick start made from a ratchet and kick peg is a impact socket.  Bar clamp handle bars. Front brake...

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Nicks xs650 bobber

1978 xs650 built by myself and my father in law. Powder coated frame, rims and hubs relaced with polished stainless steel spokes, with new bearings and brakes. Lowered and shaved front forks. Peanut gas tank, front fender is now...

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