It’s been a seriously long while since I picked up two XS-bikes, and created projects. I’m thinking of picking off where I left off, obviously 😉

But have my doubts on the electrical components. Connection to what connects to what.

On the net, ridiculous amount of electrical schemes and charters, but I need a simpler one.

I did the rebuild of one engine and the other one was already done.

From the ground up, restored frame, welded in the hardtail , etc …

Powdercoated yellow( caféracer) and fabbed a bobber slim line tank.

Bla bla bla , pics shows more then words.

The Dnepr project rebuild was the easiest one.

6V overall rebuild from front to end.

All new parts.

Submitted by Jan Vanslambrouck

jan-xs650-bobber-cafe-racer-2 jan-xs650-bobber-cafe-racer-3 jan-xs650-bobber-cafe-racer-5   

xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve