number-sixNumber Six


The engine completely rebuilt, frame hard tailed and lowered all the result of three months work work burning the midnight oil.



Home made seat.


Geared up to keep the revs down while cruising… kept it a six fifty, because i have tried the seven fifty kit and the result just is not worth the extra money.


Submitted by Peter Bailey



My xs with Alfa Romeo carbs and xt600 wheels


I have a speed shop in rotterdam the Netherlands.


Tthis is my bike. I am building when i have time but also a child hood dream.
Xs 650’s are for men.  Modern Harleys are for Audi drivers.
Next is strip down and paint but twin 40 solex  carbs is the way to go.


Submitted by Carlito


1972 Yamaha


Hello we got this bike from an ol’ timers garage. We wanted to make a bobber but never got to it.


Want  $ 900.00 for it. Had clean title. Runs. Kicks over good. Has been rides by my husband but it will need restored for safety.


Submitted Jamie Blakely

xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug