Betelgeuse 78 xs

78-xs650-ryan-7I bought this bike a few years ago bone stock and 2 days later I cut in in half and welded on a tc Bros hard tail.

It’s been through a few stages sense then and I’m sure it won’t stop here. Right now it’s got 4 over fork tubes, 21″ front wheel, pamco ignition, and pma alternater. Everything else was built buy myself, pull back handlebars, sissy bar, high mid controls, cobra seat pan and upholstery, fender was an old Harley fender that I cut 2″ out of the center, took down the side skirts and welded back together.


The pipes are from a diy exhaust kit with mandrel bends and the tank was painted by myself as well with a big sabbath bloody sabbath S in the middle. Right now I’m fitting up a 12 over durfee girder front end. All photos shot by Nick Selbman. Thanks for reading.


By Ryan Elledge


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