Hi there XS650 fans. We are a small vintage motorcycle shop in Austin Texas, called Limey Bikes that previously brought you ‘Strawberry Shortcake‘, ‘The Betts Special‘ and ‘The Hornet‘ all of which are on this site… and this is another XS650 we hoped you might like.


This is not just an XS650 made to look like it can flat track, but a veteran flat track racer made into a street tracker. Raced in the vintage stock class in Waco Texas, the bare-bones XS650 sported a gas flowed head, shell race cam and the 19″ mags that are on the bike still.


All the original running gear was retained, checked, rebuilt and refitted to a more road-friendly setup. The result is a very tight, easy-to-ride setup with plenty of power… it even has electric start.


This machine is in fact for sale ($7500), as the guy we built it for decided to buy a real horse instead of a metal one.


By Chris


street-tracker-limey-bikes-4 street-tracker-limey-bikes-3 street-tracker-limey-bikes-2



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