I was going stir crazy and needed something to do while I was recouping from shoulder surgery.

This friend of mine sold me an 81 xs 650 Special.

Bone stock and ugly.

It ain’t bone stock no more.  Kind a gets some attention.

There’s just something so wrong about everything I did to it.

That’s why I did it… and I’d do it again.

Old School

By Teach

 82-xs-650-special 82-xs-650-special-13 82-xs-650-special-12 82-xs-650-special-11 82-xs-650-special-10 82-xs-650-special-8 82-xs-650-special-7 82-xs-650-special-6 82-xs-650-special-5 82-xs-650-special-4 82-xs-650-special-3


xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve