Rules xs650

-5 2014

Roel – I built my bike in 3 winters. It was the first time that i build a bike. I really liked building and  working on it in my garage, I made a lot of the parts by myself, the frame, engine struts, fender, handlebars, exhaust, gas tank, little gas tank and front-end are all hand build by me. It’s wasn’t easy to get the front-end right, but in the end it worked out fine. 

-4 2014

-2 2014 -3 2014
The wheels are from a honda cbr. The front shock is from a mountainbike, the spring is custom made and can take a heavy weight.

The electric box is custom made out of a old sigaret box. As a finishing touch the paint job also by myself, that was also new to me. 

-6 2014

Now the bike is finished and i really enjoy riding my bike. 
Greetings Roel