The Barron


Roger – This bike was a 1979 Yamaha XS650. It has been completely re-built. There was a lot of modification done to the standard fame and then everything got media blasted and powder coated high gloss black.The head stock has been fitted with tapered bearings and bronze bushings were installed in the swing arm to give it a more responsive ride. The motor is essentially stock but has been upgraded with an electronic ignition system and a high output coil as well as a pair of Mikuni round slide carbs with UNI pod air filters.

noid-THE_BARRON_03-xs650 noid-THE_BARRON_04-xs650

The engine cases & covers have been media blasted and powder coated gloss black. It has a 1965 Ducatti Desmo Scrambler chrome tank installed along with an NOS 60’s era seat. Heritage Special wheels were used after they were media blasted & powder coated gloss black

Lots of new parts were used on this bike including:New speedo & tach housed in a custom made instrument housing –

  • New cast aluminum head light
  • New Lucas style tail light
  • New aluminum blinkers with smoked lenses
  • New aluminum CNC machined mirrors
  • New speed rated tires
  • New chrome cap shocks
  • New chrome head pipes
  • New chrome cocktail shaker mufflers
  • New brake shoes & pads
  • New drive chain


  1. Nordlichhaus says:

    Beautifully done. What kind of handlebars are those? I like them.

  2. Fanoboss says:

    That looks incredibly fun to ride. Great Job

  3. jason says:

    What jet set up do you have if you don’t mind me saking

  4. RCKNRLLROG says:

    Those bars were off of an old Kawasaki dirt bike from the 70’s. I just liked the bend they had so I used them on that bike.

  5. RCKNRLLROG says:

    Well…this particular bike was a bit of a mess as far as getting the jetting right because the carbs I used were 36’s and they had to be jetted down quite a bit so the needle jet, the mains as well as the pilot jets were all changed along with the needles themselves. But after about ten different combinations were tried it roared down the road like a…well yu know.

  6. RCKNRLLROG says:

    Oh yea…it’s a blast. The new owner just loves it.