“Brobber” No a brat, not a bobber..

Jeff mink – This is my ’75 Standard that I built.. This was the first motorcycle that I have ever done and I am pleased with the outcome of this project… I added 3″ to the wheel base by moving the swing arm pivot.  The tank is the stock unit that I chopped down, I just couldn’t find anything that I really liked.


I tried to re-purpose as many of the stock parts as I could on this build. Like the tank, front fender (moved it to the rear) the huge Sun brake light, headlight and hand controls… The forwards I made along with the handle bars, seat and exhaust thanks to a TC Bros. weld kit…..


  1. David says:

    Nice job! I especially like the rear suspension. Most “builders” just hack off the rear portion of the frame and leave the awkward upper shock mounts sticking out.

  2. Dan Sweeney says:

    I currently helping my brother with his xs hardtail but next year we are gonna begin on mine and it’s basically is gonna be designed like this one

  3. Hey great build, theres so many things I like about. Choice of paint the pipes, rear fender, cut down tank,. But how did you move the swing on back three inch? I would guess you cut the wields off the whole original mounting devises that the swing arm axel goes through. Then how did you remount it back three inches, it looks as if it would be in the middle of the fram. How ever you did it I want to do it to my bike its friken awesome!! Please do tell. I,m in the process of changing a few things after a 9 month $3000 up grade last year. Roger and out . oh look up bluesgrinder on this site

  4. aldo says:

    tres réussie

  5. Christopher says:

    I am also very interested in the swingarm mod. A little more info would be great and/or some close up pics of the area you modified. I read a write up about someone building a dual sport on an XS platform where they relocated the swing arm was mounted where the top footpeg bolt was. Any info would be really appreciated .

  6. John Trotter says:

    Hey, that’s buddies bike! lol!
    Great looking bike Jeff. Now quite messin’ around and ride the dang thing!

  7. John Trotter says:

    That’s “my” buddies….