Mark Pruitt – So the journey began as pieces and parts that were laying around the shop. The engine had sat under the welding table for 5 yrs with out plugs in it. A complete tear down was the only insurance that there was no metal in it. The original plan was to put this engine in my cafe bike after the rebuild but as all plans go, they change. 707 big bore, shell cam, mikuni vm round slides, xs pod filters.



Mikes 2 into 1 pipe,  pamco ignition, Hughs PMA, since im mentioning the PMA Hugh does a great job, i pieced one together on my cafe and man is it nice to have everything you need show up in on box instead of searching for stuff, overdrive 5th, new clutches, seals, starter delete,  TC bros hardtail, axed alien from Lowbrow, 32 ford sparetire cover fender, 16″ xs650 rear with shinko, xr500 23″ front with bridgestone, 3.5″ outta the front tubes,Biltwell slimline seat, paint from my buddies neighbor Travis Reighley, this little thing turned out better than i had planned, Its a 1 kick bottle rocket.


  1. MCPOBID says:

    Awesome bike, looks light and simple as sh!t. Are those custom made bars? Love the lane splitter look.

  2. pruitt says:

    Yeah. Just bent up some tubing.

  3. GUY says:


  4. rafael says:

    whats your jet setup if you don’t mind me asking