Hello i’m Alvino from Indonesia i have a little garage and working for yamaha xs 650. My garage name is “Double H Chopper”, i really love with XS650 since i was teenager. And this is my customer bike, he gave the nickname “custiyem” for this bike.



Begins from the desire to have oldschool XS650, so i made custom hardtail frame, custom springer for front end, handmade metalwork, patina paintjob + pinstripping.

Engine :  XS 650 74
Exhaust : Double H Chopper garage
Frame :  Double H Chopper garage,  hardtail
Gas tank : handmade by Double H Chopper
Front end : custom by Double H Chopper
Handlebar : Double H Chopper garage
Seat : “Double H Chopper”custom leather
Fender : handmade by Double H Chopper
Wheels :  FR 21, R15
Tire: Firestone
Painting : Nerakatau 69

Alvino Reiva


  1. matt says:

    Nice work! The more i look at this bike the more i like it! Love the pipes!

  2. Uncle Bear says:

    Cool Bike! Good work! Never Stop Chopping!

  3. Pickles says:

    Love the color and the pipes! The bars look a little out of place to me though. Maybe some short pullbacks or jackrabbit style bars to match the bends of the pipes? Just my two cents, and congrats on a really nice build.

  4. Javafinger says:

    Well done sir! Cant wait to ride to your town beo…

  5. Agung says:

    Jossss mass Broowww,,, kalo boleh saya mau minta no Contactnya,,,
    Nice Picture,,, salam, Agung

  6. heroll says:

    Nice bike mas vino.. I bought a 1977 xs engine from boja .. keep build cool choper xs 650..hermawan..

  7. El Gaucho says:

    Great bike! the front section of the pipes is a little out there, but everything else is speaking to me. Love the tank and rear fender combo. You don’t see many sculpted tanks on bobbers these days, and seeing this one really makes me wonder why. It looks bad assed.

  8. Rick Schuessler says:

    Love the tank !! Did you put the lower curve in it?