Winterborn 78XS650SE


Andrew Atkinson – Got the bike in fall of 2012 all stock and got to work.


Visual impact brat kit, pamcopete ignition, hugh’s handbuilt pma,Gorden Scott custom exhaust and the rest of parts from tc brothers.



  1. Grumpy says:

    I like it! Old School with comfort……

  2. Kirk says:

    Looks great, exactly what I’m looking for. Is it for sale?

  3. rM says:

    Love this bike! Awesome job.

  4. fanoboss says:

    I dig it. Very Cool Brat

  5. jdubbb says:

    What kind of shocks do you have on there?

  6. Dano says:

    Absolutely perfect 😉
    Short and tough – chrome don’t get you home

  7. Brian says:

    I am building a brat just like yours and am wondering if your rear fender is mounted on the swing arm or the frame. I also have rear disc brakes and would like to have the fender move with the swing arm.